the-eyesAs a writer and an artist, I am quite used to words and images getting all tangled up. Over the years, I have learned to keep my cool and wait for them to get untangled.

While waiting, I thinker*. And while thinkering, other words and images appear.

You’d say this maddens me – but it doesn’t. The more, the merrier. You see, the other thing I have learned, being highly sensitive and gifted, is to party amidst chaos.

It’s a quiet sort of party, and it entails connecting inner world with outer world, perusing the flow.

Meanwhile, I ponder entities such as brain, ego, personality, heart, soul, universal consciousness and the like.

Wouldn’t it be nifty if my words and images, once they get themselves sorted, would find their way to your heart? Wouldn’t it be cool if they could help you organize your own party – to celebrate that all is fine and dandy, even when it is not?

Oh, I’d love for them to do that.

* To thinker: do random, unplanned thinking while spending quality time with the flow