Shifting Towards The Unknown

The Flowtops are at a place where lots of things are shifting.

For one, we are in the midst of tidying up the house to finally put it on the market. We do not expect a quick sale and have no idea where we will end up next. We’re flexible in that we don’t care where we live, as long as it is near a city with a train station and decent schooling (preferably a Waldorf school). Our notion of our new home is slowly shifting. Given our limited budget, we’ll probably end up in a small dilapidated cottage with a big garden, where there is plenty of room to build a studio and a workshop. It’ll be in the vicinity of Leeuwarden, Groningen or Assen, we think. And we’ll need to do a lot of downsizing.

Our creative flow is shifting as well. I’ve done a few art pieces with Top3 and Top4 (the scary skeleton above is adapted from an earlier drawing by Top3), and I really like that type of work, so I think I will explore co-creation further. They both have wonderful imagination and an eye for detail.


Shifting Towards The Unknown — 4 Comments

  1. oef, spannend. Hier in de buurt geen Waldorffschool in de aanbieding. Ook geen grote stad. Maar de rest wel ;o)

    Ben benieuwd waar jullie terechtkomen. Succes!

  2. Love the co-creating. I pray that you will find a 'good' house for you that you can create into a wonderful home.
    My dream is to have a studio of my own–that's one reason why I want some land.
    I think we will go check out a home on an acre of land sometime next week. It's been reduced in price twice now. I think it will need work inside as well as some obvious outside, but my husband was a builder, so he can do that, esp. since he doesn't have a 9-5 daily job. (He's still consulting from home.)
    After being in this tiny home, I can tell you that you can make anything work if you set your mind to it. :>)

  3. Oh, I will also pray that your home sells at a good price and in good time. Ours sold in a terrible market, so it's possible.

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