Playing Around With Medicine

Sometimes, I get petty-minded. I know I should rise above the medical profession and the ridiculous health system we have here in the Netherlands, with too many chiefs and not near enough Indians running the place, and just be glad we made it thus far, but hey, enlightened as I am, I am still human and primitive emotions sometimes get the better of me.

According to our previous GP, we are “playing around with medicine”. (We strictly adhere to the ILADS guidelines for treating Lyme, so it is not as if Top1 is gulping down antibiotics by the gallon.) His symptoms are still improving, albeit slowly. We are thinking about gradually cutting down on the medicine, even though that adds to uncertainties we are already facing with work, housing and money. The specialist we are consulting for the treatment resides in Amsterdam, so we will probably make an appointment with him to discuss the next step soon.

Anyway, this is me cocking my snoot at the medical profession. Symptoms improving, Top1 is alive and kicking. “Old age” my ass. (Pardon the language. Still in petty-minded state.)


Playing Around With Medicine — 1 Comment

  1. I understand Lyme is a tricky disease to treat, but it's good that the symptoms are improving! It's hard to keep a positive outlook when you know you're "playing around with medicine", and that there's no sure treatment, but I do hope that the good days outweigh the bad ones, and that the specialist will have some real answers. Hugs.

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