Corner View: Positive Thought For Bad Moments — 10 Comments

  1. laughter is the best medicine. I will never forget the time my grandpa was on his last breath and all of us cousins were sitting near him. Suddenly we couldn't stop laughing over some of the memories- I bet if someone walked by and saw this image they would have thought we were crazy. xo

  2. An all time favorite of mine is Abbot and Costello's "Whose on First." I grin just thinking about it.
    Another favorite is Red Skelton esp. when he does Heathcliff and Gertrude (I forget what kind of birds they are).
    Yes, laughter helps. My sense of humor has 'saved' me many times, esp. when teaching high school kids.

  3. I have very little sense of humor, but my kids do, and they make me smile and laugh – it's good comfort:)

  4. Oh, Laurel and Hardy! Fantastic! They taught me to laugh about bad moments in my early childhood! Couldn't stop laughing about their bad luck! ;oD

  5. i couldn't agree more about the comedy. and i would take that first anyday.

    as for the life's dreams not lasting…….i agree with you, but sometimes….acceptance…….

  6. zo….wat een laurel and hardy's!!! daar ben je wel wat uurtjes zoet mee!!

    over de video bij mijn blog, ik heb geen idee hoe ze dit doen, ik kwam dit tegen en ik vond het meteen geweldig!
    en jij maakt ook filmpjes? staan ze hier tussen? ik zal eens een keer goed rondstruinen hier!!

  7. I love your rather serious display of comedy books.
    Great to be able to pick up a volume when you're feeling down:))

    Thanks for your comment about the bath. Yes, it is a nice custom isn't it, in Japan the family bath , :)

    Happy humor-filled days to you!

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